Get Out Those Kitchen Gadgets

September 17, 2020 Tambra Nicole Kendall

Do you have a Babycakes machine but don’t use it much? I have the one with the interchangeable plates. I like that it doesn’t heat up my kitchen like the oven does. I’m in Texas and the temps are still in the 80s. But you can also make small batches and that’s nice, too.

You can make more than cake pops in them. Why not try a batch of hush puppies? Or Pizza Bites? I forgot where I got this recipe or else I would attribute it to the person. These would be great for a family movie night or game night (like Monopoly or Scrabble).

Cake Pops with sprinkles

Babycakes Pizza Poppers

2 cups Bisquick
2 tsp Italian Seasoning
2 eggs
1 cup milk
1/2 c Mozzarella cheese, grated
1/2 cup Pepperoni, finely chopped
1/2 cup Cooked Sausage, finely chopped
Pizza Sauce, warmed

In a large mixing bowl, combine dry ingredients.  In a small bowl combine liquid ingredients and add to the dry ingredients.  Fold in cheese, pepperoni and sausage.  The batter should be a thick pancake batter consistency, if it get too thick, stir in more milk until it reaches desired thickness. 

I put the batter into a gallon plastic bag and cut off a corner (remember
there are chunks of meat so the opening will need to accommodate)
 to easily fill the wells.  Cook for 4 minutes. ***A note from Tambra: You might have to cook a little longer than the recipe calls. I always make a test batch of a couple and adjust as necessary.

Pinterest has lots of Babycakes recipes sweet and savoury. Better Homes and Gardens has a Stocky Pecan Upside Down Babycakes recipe. You can find it here:

With Autumn arriving for some folks here’s a recipe that sounds perfect for the holidays: Apple Butter filled Apple Cider Cupcakes. Take a look here:

This Ham and Cheese Puffs recipe looks good.

I haven’t used my Babycakes maker much but with the weather cooling down a bit I plan to use it more and for making Smudge some homemade dog treats while I have it out. Have any of you made your homemade dog treats in the you Babycakes treat maker? I have the Dog Treat maker and it occurred to me that it was a Babycakes for dogs, so why not use my machine to make Smudgie pupcakes?

If you have one of these treat makers and aren’t sure how to use it, I found a blog post that might help you and don’t forget to search YouTube.

China cup, gold spoon and a pink rose

Now, let’s talk Air Fryers. When I bought mine I wasn’t sure if I would like it or if I would use it much. Whenever my Air Fryer goes where dead appliances go, I will get another one. Stephanie Manley of CopyKat Recipes has a huge variety of recipes (not just Air Fryer). Stephanie can be found here: The Blue Jean Chef has some great Air Fryer recipes and tips. You can find her here:

Mini frosted donuts

These appliances are a blessing to a person who has health issues. I have two Instant Pots, the 6 quart and a mini 3 quart. I use them so much I have them sitting on my kitchen counter. Getting an Instant Pot for Christmas was the best present I could have asked for! I make pork loin that falls apart it is so tender. Recently, I made turkey tenderloins and they came out wonderful. Pinto beans come out great, too.

The learning curve on these kitchen helpers isn’t steep. A little experimenting and using a notebook to write down your adjustments is all you need.

I hope this post has given you some ideas on how you can get more use out of these kitchen gadgets sitting on the shelf. Have a tea party or a picnic to celebrate…anything you want.

Teddy Bears Picnic

Hugs to all, stay safe, and be kind.

Tambra Nicole

4 thoughts on “Get Out Those Kitchen Gadgets

  1. Terri Hunter says:

    Thank you Tambra! I enjoyed reading about these new recipes. Also, it’s interesting to hear what kitchen gadgets some purchase and use.
    I thought the recipes sounded yummy.
    Finally, the teacup and gold spoon with the pretty pink flower is so feminine and sweet.
    Thank you! 😘


    • tambra nicole says:

      Terri, I think there are some Pinterest boards with charts that show people how to transfer the Instant Pot information to using a Crock-Pot.

      Some of these kitchen helpers go on sale during the holidays. Watching videos on YouTube can give people a better idea which appliance would work best for them. Thank you so much for stopping by!


  2. katherineurbahn says:

    Love the teacup photo! I can attest to your INCREDIBLE pork loin from the Instant Pot. Told the hubs about the turkey tenderloins you told me about the other day. He says he’ll probably get one or two of those for a quarantine-style Thanksgiving for Two. 💖 And the huge batch of round steaks and chicken I did in the IP yesterday was to die for! 10 lbs of beef and 5 lbs of chicken! I pre-browned everything, then pressure cooked it all together for an hour in the IP. Made the most incredible meat and rich, velvety, rich broth. When I put the meats in the IP, I also added the tallow I’d browned them in, and deglazed the caramelised brown bits off the frying pan. I added two quarts of water and some beef Better Than Bouillon, some garlic powder, and Montreal Steak Seasoning. Then set it to High Pressure for 60 minutes. The resulting stock was SO rich and full-bodied, it was practically a concentrated sauce. It was divine. When you cook beef and chicken together in a stock, it’s very similar to a veal stock. Rich and full-bodied, yet delicate at the same time. That stuff is like gold.


    • tambra nicole says:

      I’ve never cooked beef and chicken together before. If I didn’t have a turkey in the freezer I would get those turkey tenderloins for Thanksgiving.
      I hate that the family won’t be getting together. I miss that so much.

      You can get so many layers of flavour with the Instant Pot. Thank you for the great IP information and telling people how everything turned out.


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