Online Workshop: The Essentials of Plotting and Characterization

Hi y’all,

Next month I’ll be teaching my month long workshop The Essentials of Plotting and Characterization for the Hearts Through History Romance Writers of America (RWA) chapter. If you’ve been interested in taking it, now’s the time, baby!

Writer Kitteh needs my class. I could help her. *grin*


Here are the details:

Tambra Nicole Kendall: July 2- 27, 2018  Essential Guide to Plotting and Characterization


In this course, we will discuss how to plot a story, what keeps it moving, and how storytellers drag readers into a fictional world and keep them there. We will learn story structure, pacing, world building, how to connect the beginning, middle and end, and much more.

Lesson One: Brainstorming

Lesson Two: Backstory, Plot Sketches, Show, Don’t Tell and Effective Description

Lesson Three: Character is Action, Plot is Action

Lesson Four: GMC – Goal, Motivation and Conflict Goal, Urgency, Motivation

Lesson Five: Writing Strong Characters and Viewpoint, Deep Point of View, Stimulus and Response

Lesson Six: Sagging Middles

Lesson Seven: Scene and Sequel Structure

Lesson Eight: Plotting Methods

Lesson Nine: Creating Dimensional Characters

Lesson Ten: Adding Tension and Danger

Lesson Eleven: Writing Sexual Tension

Lesson Twelve: Basic Worldbuilding


I do my best to cover all of the essentials of genre fiction writing. These are the building blocks, the foundation you need for a strong story.

I hope you’ll join me for this fun and informative workshop.

See you in July!

Tambra Nicole