Are You a Holiday Maniac?


Let’s face it, the holidays can be a real pain in the butt.

You run around shoving in the time for extra cooking and cleaning, shopping, wrapping presents, parties to go to and give. The list grows longer by the minute, especially if you have little ones in school. By the time the holidays arrive you’re a frazzled, bedraggled mess.

What can you do to prevent becoming a Holiday Manic?

By adjusting some areas in your life, you can reduce the stress and enjoy the holidays more!

Pick up items on sale throughout the year. Put them up in the closet until its time to wrap. By doing it this way, you get the sale and you miss the crowds. I know you can order online. Picking things up as you go along you save on shipping and you have it in your hand. A gift card for those with e-books and tablets is easy and appreciated.

When you have a disability it forces you to do many of these things. The focus shifts to what can I do?

Use a calendar. Seems simple and obvious but many people refuse to use one. By implementing this humble device you can see at a glance what is available for the month. This prevents over committing. Remember, you can say no and do so without guilt. While the calendar is out schedule in some time for yourself. A massage, a day at the spa, a favorite coffee shop relaxing over a decadent cup of coffee or hot chocolate. Whatever it is that brings you happiness and peace.

Taking on too much cooking can be an issue for some people. Write out a menu and focus on the foods you want to fix that are special. Ask others to bring side dishes, dessert, salad. Have the kids design place cards for the table, invitations and thank you cards. The kids can make extra ones to give to the elderly in nursing homes.

Gift bags are time savers!

Scaling down. Do you really need to cook three difference green bean dishes and 30 pies? Enjoying the children and the family, making memories to share is better than slaving in the kitchen to make one more dessert (or whatever.)

Instead of buying every adult a present, why not have the adults draw names? Or go an 1 nice present (with a specified limit) and one smaller, possibly goofy one. Have the adults draw numbers. You pick a gift. The next person can either choose a gift from the pile or steal one from another person. You do need to set a limit on the steals. We say on the third time it’s “dead.” No one can take that gift again. Do this for the nicer gifts, then the smaller gifts.

Getting into debt from holiday spending is a huge cause for stress. Tempering how much you buy, who you buy for and when you purchase gifts can ease the craziness of overspending. Making gifts is another option. If you plan ahead of time this is another area to choose from.

If you’re a writer, this time of year may be the one you fret about the most. If possible, plan so that you give yourself room to breathe and adjust accordingly to the last-minute situations that are bound to appear. Adjust your expectations. What can you really accomplish with your schedule?

Holidays are supposed to be a time of sharing with our family and friends. Becoming caught up in the tidal wave of activity a person can lose sight of what’s really important. I hope you find some of these suggestions helpful and preventing you or someone you love from becoming a Holiday Manic.

All the best,