Current Writing Projects and a New Puppy!

November 5, 2018

Hi everyone,

November isn’t just a time for Thanksgiving, for many writers it’s National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo for short. I’ve blogged about NaNo before and the benefits I’ve found by participating. If you have kids interested in writing, check out the Young Writers Program. You could make this a project you do together. Here’s the link where you can get more information:

This year, I’ve decided write a YA story that is gaslight punk with steampunk and gothic romance elements. I think I may have also found a way to tie this in with my contemporary paranormal romance novel, Despite Them All, and that was a pleasant surprise.

I do need to get back to edits on Despite Them All, but this NaNo break seems to be helping with my writing so I’m going with it. Other projects I’m working on include two middle grade mystery series that will be connected.

In October I went to a weekend workshop my romance writers chapter organized. Michael Hauge gave wonderful information in his presentations and I’m very happy I was able to attend. For those of you who don’t know, Michael Hauge is a Hollywood story expert who’s consulted on projects for major Hollywood studios. I’m using his book Storytelling Made Easy for some of my  works in progress.

At the end of June I lost my precious Cairn terrier, Sparky Lionel Urban. He had just turned 11 and we found out a few weeks before he had a heart issue.  I miss my Sparky everyday. I still look for him. Through lots of tears and prayers, I decided I wanted another Cairn and contacted a breeder in my state. I wasn’t sure when I would be able to get a puppy. I’m thrilled to be picking up my furbaby sometime in December. I am already in love with this little guy!


I love the intelligence and curiosity of terriers, their ability to figure out problems and then take action. They love to be the center of attention and to play. As in training and every other aspect of their life everything has to be fun. I believe we are in for some fun, interesting adventures with Alpin Gregor MacKibble. Those familiar with Scottish history will immediately recognize the name Kenneth MacAlpin and the name of his son, Gregor. Both of these historical figures are also part of my ancestry and it’s fitting for a Cairn terrier, a breed that began in the Scottish Highlands to have a thoroughly Scottish name. Two years ago, I started cleaning up a Christmas romance and that’s when I came up with Alpin MacKibble’s name.

Has anyone gotten a puppy recently? Do you have any suggestions?

Until we meet again, remember to be kind to one another and say I Love You to those special people in your life.

Hugs to all, Tambra Nicole