My Last Workshop for 2017



Hi y’all,

October 2-27, 2017 I’ll be teaching my Essential Guide to Plotting and Characterization for the Hearts Through History Romance Writers of America chapter. Here’s a link to their classes. Scroll down and you’ll find my workshop. Hearts Through History Classes





A message from Tambra’s fuzzy muse



I’m always striving to improve my writing. I take at least one workshop a year to strengthen an area I feel I need to focus on. Teaching gives me the opportunity to share what I’ve learned with others and it helps with my writing, too. I know not understanding certain writing techniques can make you want to scream while the joy and fun of writing is sucked right out of you.

Seeing and hearing information presented by numerous people can improve your understanding of a variety of topics. Many times people will grasp a portion of a subject and discover later on there were other layers involved their minds weren’t ready to process. We all have our strengths and weaknesses but knowing what they are and how to improve will give the boost needed to reach the goals you’ve set.

I hope you’ll join me in October!

Happy Writing,