Writing Rituals

Writing Rituals by Tambra Nicole Kendall

Many writers find certain rituals comforting, placing them in the mindset to create. A favourite china cup or mug of coffee or tea, a candle, music, the curtains open so the sun shines into the room. It can be anything that gets your spirit settled and ready to create.

Some people need quiet with no music. Others write to music that relates to the current story they’re working on. I’ve found my writing ceremonies have changed with my health issues. (I’m a work in progress and still have hope to regain some of what’s been adversely affected.)

There are those of you out there who aren’t comfortable with people speaking about their disabilities. Over the past twenty years I’ve met so many writers who have a wide range of health issues. I truly believe speaking about what is working right now may help someone else. My concentration used to be better than it is now. The solution I keep coming back to is headphones that block out sound but only the music I need.

coffee-2067644_1920I’ve been reading how some people are in a frenzy of creativity while others are struggling. Don’t give up and give in to the depression. Everyone deals with crisis in their own way.  Find something positive in this chaos. We’re writers, we understand how just a change of point of view can be all a scene needs in a story.

It hasn’t escaped my notice that I’ve done a few of these type posts. The plight of my fellow writers struggling hurts my heart.

Perhaps, adjusting your writing rituals or adding some might help. I’ve ordered a DVD of Tai Chi. When I was learning it years ago I felt calmer and more focused. My plan is to do my Yang style Tai Chi and then write. I’ll report back and let y’all know if it’s made any difference.

From the time I was a child I’d always thought of reading, and later on, writing as magical. People who are suffering need the magic of our words. We have a gift that heals, that transports the imagination to others worlds and times, to inspire people to become better. That’s quite a breathtaking responsibility and pure creative magic.

What are doing my creative friends? Are your writing ceremonies still working or have you had to make adjustments? Sharing helps everyone.


Photo by DarkSouls, Pixabay. Girl with book and magic coming out of it.


Sending hugs of love and blessings to all!

Tambra Nicole

7 thoughts on “Writing Rituals

  1. sjgreenhart says:

    I’ve added more to my mornings before writing, but in general, it stays the same, and I think I’ve been more productive in the last few months than I’d been in a while, which is quite nice. 🙂

    I have my tea ready to be made by my chair at night, so I just get up and turn on the kettle. 🙂


      • sjgreenhart says:

        Rishi English Breakfast tea is my absolute favorite. 🙂

        Thanks for letting me know! I haven’t heard of this brand so I’ll make it a point to look for it.
        I could do without coffee if I had to, but not my hot tea. 🙂

        I really enjoy Mrs. McCartney’s teas. She has a wonderful English Breakfast blend.
        Other teas I keep on hand are: Typhoo, PG Tips, Yorkshire, and Twinings.



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