Tambra’s Favourite YouTube Channels and Blogs

July 28, 2018

Tambra’s Favourite YouTube Channels and Blogs

Hi y’all!

It occurred to me I’ve been keeping my favourite YouTube channels a secret from you. There might be some information y’all might enjoy or know of someone who would benefit from this awesomeness. Sometimes these are for inspiration, other times I just need to work on something else while plot ideas are marinating.

To make this easier I’ve broken my list down into categories, and where they can be found. I would love it if you contact me and let know if you’ve discovered some hidden gems. I love Pinterest but I think it should be its own category. Twitter and Instagram are their own categories and didn’t really fit in with the YouTube channels and blogs.


Love the crafty creativity of this doggie costume!




Nik the Booksmith

Sea Lemon

Made Everyday

Jennibellie (She also has a Ning community for artists)

I’m a Cool Mom

MayMay Made It

Crafty Girl

Do It On a Dime

Mark Montano

5-Minute Crafts

Lauren Fairweather




Photo from Pixabay


Annika Victoria


Evelyn Wood

Prior Attire (Historical)

Renegade Seamstress

With Wendy

Professor Pincushion



A gorgeous photo of Warwick Castle from Pixabay



Allthemed Docs

BBC Documentaries

Ancient History

ANYTHING with Lucy Worsley!!!

The Closet Historian




My book is available at Amazon


Jami Gold

Writers Helping Writers

Authors Publish

Kristen Lamb

YouTube and Blog

Heart Breathings by Sarra Cannon

Derek Murphy



Hildie McQueen

Karen Prince




Photo from Pixabay

I know music is a very individual choice and some writers can’t write with music at all. If you do, this might be something different for you to check out. These are mostly BiNaural beats or New Age.


Greenred Productions

Yellow Brick Cinema

Body Mind Zone


Adrian Von Ziegler

The Harp Twins

Emily Bear

Ola Gjeilo

Loreena McKennitt




My teatime cookbook is available from Amazon

You Tube

Pressure Luck

Stephanie Manley

Flo Lum


Other things I enjoy while writing or illustrating is a good cup of hot tea. Some of the brands I enjoy are Typhoo, PG Tips, Barry’s Irish Tea, Twinings, and Mrs. McCartney’s Teas. We all have our favourite comfort foods and comforting rituals.


What hobbies do you have and what inspires you?


Until next time, hugs to all!


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