New Website, Newsletter and Chit Chat

Hi everyone,

Sorry for the large gap of no blog posts. Life happens, we get back up, and continue on. But, I’m back again. *grin*

It’s taken me quite a while but I’ve finally finished overhauling my website and put together a newsletter. There are links to this blog, my art and photography on Fine Art America and my new Rage On! online store where I have some great designs for women, men and children. You can check it out here:

I hope you’ll stop by and visit and sign up for the newsletter. There is a section for readers to submit recipes for my recipe corner. I’m asking for those submitting to write a little about how the recipe originated, or when you make it,  what makes the recipe special to you. I’ve added one of my recipes in this first newsletter to get started. I have a teatime cookbook for those of you interested in more recipes. It has measurements for the US and UK, plus a section on spirited beverages. It’s available on Amazon in print and ebook.

A cup of hot tea and a good book is magic to the soul.

I’ve got some projects both fiction and nonfiction in the works and when they’re closer to being finished I’ll share the details with you.

July 2-17, 2018 I’ll be teaching my online course The Essentials of Plotting and Characterization for the Hearts Through History Romance Writers of America chapter. When it gets closer to the workshop I’ll post more information. Just letting y’all know now so you can check your schedules. So far this is the only workshop I’m teaching this year. If you’d like to take it then work it in your July schedule. I post lessons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I answer questions throughout the workshop.

Other than the newsletter and website revamp, I’ve been learning more about digital art and using a planner. I’ve tried a few and hadn’t found one that works until the tried The Happy Planner disc system. I discovered I can create my own covers and dividers which is fantastic. I need a flexible system and so far the disc system is the best one. The Passion Planner would have worked if it had been in a three-ring binder instead of perfect bound.

I love all the awesome spreads for bullet journaling but I don’t have the time for something that involved. I do bullet lists in my disc planner. I’ve been watching YouTube videos of romance author and planner goddess (to me, anyway) Hildie McQueen. She’s wonderful and funny and I’m learning how to do planning from her.

What kind of organization system do you use and why? I’m always open to suggestions and ideas.

Hugs to all! Tambra




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