Another Workshop Scheduled for July 2017

If you can’t join me for my March workshop, I’ll be teaching it again in July for the Futuristic, Fantasy and Paranormal RWA chapter.

The Essential Guide to Plotting and Characterization

In this course, we will discuss how to plot a story, what keeps it moving, and how storytellers drag readers into a fictional world and keep them there. We will learn story structure, pacing, world building, how to connect the beginning, middle and end, and much more.
Lesson One: Brainstorming
Lesson Two: Backstory, Plot Sketches, Show, Don’t Tell and Effective Description
Lesson Three: Character is Action, Plot is Action
Lesson Four: GMC – Goal, Motivation and Conflict Goal, Urgency, Motivation
Lesson Five: Writing Strong Characters and Viewpoint, Deep Point of View, Stimulus, and Response
Lesson Six: Sagging Middles
Lesson Seven: Scene and Sequel Structure
Lesson Eight: Plotting Methods
Lesson Nine: Creating Dimensional Characters
Lesson Ten: Adding Tension and Danger
Lesson Eleven: Writing Sexual Tension
Lesson Twelve: Basic Worldbuilding

About the Presenter, Tambra Nicole Kendall:

Tambra knew from the time she was 12 years old she wanted to write romance. All those summers spent at the public library reading Nancy Drew, historical romance and category romance infused her love of the romance genre. Authors who have influenced her writing are Sherrilyn Kenyon, Angela Knight, Deidre Knight, Christina Dodd, Arnette Lamb, Kerrelyn Sparks, Kimberly Raye and Jim Butcher.
In 1994, she joined Romance Writers of America (RWA). Through years of study and hard work, she became a multi-published author writing for e-publishers and small press.
Tambra also writes nonfiction.  Her work has been published in magazine, newspaper and trade publications.
In 1990 she illustrated, wrote and self-published a specialty children’s book on ADHD focusing on behavior modification.  A few years later, she took the Institute for Children’s Literature course keeping learning more about writing for children while soaking up all of the information on the craft of romance writing.
Teaching is Tambra’s way to give back to other writers. She’s given workshops to various RWA chapters and for Savvy Authors and occasionally at her local college.
You can connect with Tambra at these social media places:

Cost: FFP Members:$20.00/Non-Members: $30.00

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