A New Year: What will you write on your life pages this year?

There’s nothing like the feeling of a brand new year. January is like crisp like new fallen snow or the scent of pine trees riding a brisk wind. Many people don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I think a good portion of us do pause and review the passing of the old year. Life isn’t static. It’s fluid and we must adapt. Attitude and how you look at the world makes a big difference.

I used to always put others before myself because I craved their acceptance and love. It took many years crawling out of a terrifying, dark place to discover I like myself and I am worthy of being loved. With this acceptance came a sense of peace that I’d never experienced before.

Sometimes the family you were born with manipulate and use you for their personal gain and amusement. This isn’t love and its unacceptable behavior. Love doesn’t stomp a person into the ground or control a person’s every move. You are worthy of love and respect. Perhaps 2015 will be the year for you to drop the negative, defeatist ways and move toward peace. It’s damn hard physically, mentally and emotionally. Taking baby steps and learning proper boundary setting skills isn’t easy. I’m speaking as the voice of experience and I’m continuing to learn this life skill. I can say all the struggle, pain and tears have been worth it.

Our minds consider may go over what worked professionally and socially to reach the goals set both long and short.  The heart celebrates the numerous blessings bestowed by the Creator of All Things. (To me, this means God. To you it may mean something else or nothing at all.)

When you fight a multitude of chronic illnesses, adapting and learning new ways to live is vital. When you’re a creative person even more so. You find a way to express the beauty bubbling just below the surface. I know there are days when you feel ragged and threadbare. Physical and mental exhaustion take their toll. Some days curling into a fetal position and crying is all you can do. Don’t dwell there. After the tears have fallen, dry them and re-plan.

Being given another day to see the sun rise and set, to accept love and be loved, to write, create and share. I don’t take any of this or each day for granted. I don’t blame others for the physical limitations I have. It is what it is. The choice in how you deal with what you’ve been given is up to you. In many ways I’m stronger because of all I’ve had to endure. There have also been opportunities to help others along the way. I never would have had the chance to do so otherwise. I pray their lives were made better by the connection we shared.

A compliment, a word of encouragement to someone doesn’t cost a thing. Consider what you can do and accomplish in 2015. From what I’ve observed, the people who accomplish the goals or resolutions they made on January 1 are reachable, not impossible. Why would you list the impossible, setting yourself up for failure?


Use this New Year to write the book you’ve always wanted. Learn painting or photography. Take some classes, online or at your local college. Share your skills by donating some of your time to organizations or to a local school. Make the world a better place.

Life is a gift. We are here for such a short time. Twelve bright, shiny months await. What will you write on your life pages this year?

2 thoughts on “A New Year: What will you write on your life pages this year?

  1. Other Side of the Trees says:

    Piercing, this post, in an empowering sense … Your mix of (subjects), writing and the inner places of our hearts and soul, is a beautiful mix. This post is freeing, and it taps several pieces of my own life. Well done! Best of the best to you in all you do. Peace.


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